Top 5 Natural Dog Chews

Top 5 Natural Dog Chews

Top 5 Natural Dog Chews

Is your dog a hardcore chewer? These are our Oscar and Ernie’s top 5 natural dog chews to keep them busy.  

So there is nothing worse than finding a hole in your favourite shoes or holes in your carpet. Yep, Oscar completely destroyed our hallway carpet. It has only just been replaced and hopefully stays in one piece.   

There are a few ways to manage/stop your prize possession from being chewed. This unwanted behaviour is to provide your dog with an alternative that they are allowed to chew instead. 

Like any toy or treat you should always supervise your dog.

1.Buffalo Horns

I personally think Buffalo Horns are more hard-wearing than Antlers, well they seem to last longer in this house with Ernie. They are rich in protein and minerals such as iron and calcium and available in different sizes. For extra enrichment and enjoyment for your pooch, they can be stuffed with their food allowance. Word of warning they can splitter so need to keep an eye on them.

2.Bio Tree Roots / Olive Wood Sticks 

Tree Root was a personal favourite of Oscar’s when he was teething. They are 100% natural tree root that has been dried out and then soaked in 100% virgin olive oil. Olive Wood sticks are the same concept but in stick form instead of block form. Both are a great alternative to a food chew and available in different sizes


Antlers are available in different sizes and a good alternative to food chew. I personally don’t think they are as hardwearing a Buffalo Horn. On average Ernie could go through one a week whereas the Buffalo Horn will last up to a month. 

4.Sticks / Skins / Ears / Pipes 

There are so many different options available on the market. I think Ernie enjoys this treat more than Oscar. 

Some of Ernie’s personal favourites are:

  • Camel Sticks 
  • Verison Skins 
  • Ears 
  • Beef Pipes 

Note they can really stink your house out so be prepared or make them eat them out in the garden.


Oscar and Ernie love Yaks. However, they can be an expensive treat for them. They are made from skimmed Yaks and Cows milk. It is available in different sizes and is the treat that keeps on giving. Top tip when the Yak becomes too small for it to be safe for your dog. Pop it in in the microwave for 30 seconds and it will puff up like popcorn. Let it cool down before giving it back to your dog to enjoy. 

Why not check out The Doggie Boat and Charlie’s Gourmet who both stock natural dog treats and chews.

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