Introducing the Paws4Review Team…

Introducing the Paws4Review Team…


So we thought it was about time we introduced the team at Paws4Review properly and explain what we are all about and what to expect from us….

Why it all started?

So it all started when I became a parent to Oscar (Cocker Spaniel) and then Ernie (Labrador). I started looking for enclosed dog fields that I could take my 2 dogs to, so I could let them have a good play and do training with the stress of them running off or being distracted. So when I started looking for a website that I could compare enclosed dog fields I struggled to find on I thought … I would create one.

From there it has grown and evolved as I then wanted to take Oscar and Ernie on holiday I went looking for dog-friendly accommodation and come across the same problem.

Meet the team

You probably want to know who is working behind the scenes to make this all possible ….

Louise is the the founder and creator of Paws4Review and one of the proud parents of Oscar and Ernie. Since these 2 fur babies have come into her life it has been a massive learning curve and all she want to do is to make sure they live their best life. Having never owned a dog before Louise has spent hours researching top tips and joining social media support groups to help find answers or products. So it has become a passion of hers seeking out paw-friendly places, products and business and she want to share all this with you!

Oscar is a crazy cocker spaniel who is a year and a half old and is mums first born fur baby. Oscar came into our lives on 12/11/2018 and he is totally a mummy’s boy and he can get away with anything. He loves nothing more than having fun and loves of cuddles.

Ernie is (or was sold as) Labrador cross beagle however I struggle to see the beagle in him! Ernie joined the family on the 20/04/2019 and he is totally a daddy’s boy they love going out on adventures together. He is a total trouble maker and leads his brother Oscar a stray.

We have some new recruits to the team

Adam is all things feline on Paws4Review and also the human slave to Alfie, a gorgeous large ginger cat! He is kept busy adding details and blogs for how to best look after your feline friend, and of course at the beck and call to Alfie when he wants food, a cuddle or just having a mad 5 minutes!

Alfie is a 6-year-old Ginger cat, rescued and given a forever home by Adam & Chris 5 years ago! Alfie helps with the details for the feline bits of Paws4Review between sleeping and eating. If you need anything from Alfie he usually found curled up at the foot of his human slave’s bed.

So what to expect from us?

So you’re probably thinking about what to expect from Paws4Review. Well, it started with listing enclosed dog fields and dog-friendly accommodation. But the website in the past 3 months has bloomed.

So we love all animals that we are going to expand out our listings to all businesses, products and services for animals.

We will be adding in these categories over the coming months:

Dog-Friendly Accommodation

Enclosed Dog Fields


Pubs & Restaurants

Photography & Artists

Kennels / Dog Boarding

Cattery / Cat Boarding

Dog Walkers / Cat Sitters

Dog Grommers / Canine massage

Dogs @ Weddings


Dog Training & Agility

Online Shop


Pet Memorials

Attractions / Events

Why don’t you head over and check out our interactive map where you can find enclosed dog fields as well as dog-friendly accommodation that we have currently listed.

Alternatively, check out our listing page that you can search and filter on categories.

If you have a pawsome business, product or service and want to be listed we would love to hear from you. You can get in contact with us using the Contact Us form.

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