Add Your Business Listing

Adding Business Listing

Add Your Business Listing

Go ahead and add your business listing!

So want to say a MASSIVE thank you if you have signed up on our package, this blog post will help you on adding you business listing to our website. If you have not signed up yet then go and check out our deals here

You will receive an email once your account has been verified and from there you will be able to go ahead and your pawsome business! 

To get started you will need to login to your account by selecting the ‘Join Us’ button in the right-hand corner of the page. Once you have logged in you will then need to select ‘Add listing’ from the drop-down. 

General Section:

Listing Item ID – You can be left blank – this can be used if you are managing lots of listings or different businesses. 

Title – You will need to enter your business name

Description – You need to tell the audience all about your business. We recommend this is between 300 to 500 characters to help with SEO scores and ranking on google. 

Excerpt – If you had to tell someone about your business how would you sum up in 1 sentence – then pop that in here. 

Price Range – You can select a price range from ‘No Price Range’ to Expensive. If you are not sure then we would recommend leaving it selected as ‘No Price Range’.


Featured Image – You need to pick your hero image as this is the image that will be used on our listing page(internal link). 

Title Logo Image – You can add your business logo  

Gallery images – You can add as many images as you like. These images will appear at the top of your listing page. If you do add millions then we may just keep out the best ones for you. Don’t worry if they are not all the same size – we will size them to be 300x300px before your listing is published. 


Category – You need to select a category your business falls in. If the category does not exist then just let us know and we can soon add it.  

Tags – These are key features that customers and search on. You will need to select a couple that best suit your business. If the tag does not exist then you are able to add it. Please note if there are tags that are not used or lots of the same kind of tag then we may consolidate otherwise, it can get a little out of hand on the search page.  


City – You can leave this a Default or you can add you location in. This would be best suited if your business has a physical location as it is used on the search by location filter. 

Full Address – If you have physical premises then enter the address of your business. If you don’t then you can put the city/town you are in for example Leeds. Without this then the rest of the information about socials/website and contact details will not appear.   

Phone – Enter your business contact number. If you don’t have one then leave blank. 

Email – Enter your business email address. If you don’t have one then leave blank. 

Site URL – Enter your business website address. 

Social Media:

Socials – Enter the full URL of any social media platforms your business is on 

Addtional Information:

Amenities – You can select the amenities that best suited to your business. If there is one that is missing then let us know we can get it added. 

Reviews – Please leave as the default setting 

Business Hours – If you wish this can be left blank for example if your business is online. If you have opening times then it is created to include them as it manages customers expectations. 

Additional Infomation – This is an area that you can add additional information that you feel would be beneficial.

If you are short of time or not feeling confident with adding your own listing then we can do it for you free of charge.

Just drop us a message on the socials or via email – we will create the listing based on the information from your website / social media.

Once it is created we will assign it to your account should you want to make any tweaks. 

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