9 Things Cocker Spaniel Owners Will Understand

9 Things Cocker Spaniel Owners Will Understand9 Things Cocker Spaniel Owners Will Understand

9 Things Cocker Spaniel Owners Will Understand

If you are lucky enough to own a cocker spaniel here are our 9 things you will understand.

I am dog mum to Oscar a 1.5-year-old crazy cocker spaniel. I always wanted a dog and was never allowed one as a child. Oscar came into my life back in November 2018 and he makes me smile every day and not forgetting his brother Ernie the Black Labrador.

1 . Teddy Bear 

This is Oscar’s nickname that was originally given to him from our nephew as he could not say his name and thought he looked like a teddy bear. It a stuck ever since especially when Oscar needs a hair cut he is a very fluffy teddy bear. 

2 . Loving / Cuddles 

Oscar is so loving he just wants to smother me with kisses and cuddles. How can you say no to that, at times I can get totally sidetracked and forget what I was doing but is it totally worth it. 

Cute Oscar

3 . Wet Ears

Any spaniel owner will understand that them big dangling ears get in the way when they are having a drink. Oscar is no exception to that and we have now invested in a Spaniel Bowl. 

4 . Swamp Monster  

It is Oscar’s sole mission on any walk to get as dirty as possible and he normally achieves it. It normally results in having to be bathed when we get home, good job he enjoys having one. 

Dirty Oscar

5 . Happy

 Oscar is always such a happy chap and puts a smile on a face regardless of how I am feeling. 

6 . Velcro dog 

I can no longer go for a pee in peace without Oscar he is like velcro. Wherever I go Oscar is not far behind my step to keep me company.

7 . Posing 

Oscar is always ready to pose for a photo and my phone camera roll is full of cute doggy photos it’s running out of space. I think I would rather delete my banking app then photos of Oscar and Ernie. 

Happy Oscar

8 . Guard Dog 

Who needs a doorbell when you have a cocker spaniel. Oscar is always on guard to protect me and the house. At times I struggle to have a conversation with the neighbours without Oscar kicking off.  

9 . Clever 

Don’t be fooled by that cute puppy dog eyes. Oscar is very clever and a quick learner. Definitely smart when it comes to working for things such as food or getting into trouble he will make his younger brother do all the hard work. 

Clever Oscar

How many of these can you relate to? Is there anything I’ve missed off? You can let me know in the comments and if you know a cocker spaniel owner who’d like this then feel free to share on social media.

If you would like to see more pictures of Oscar’s adventures head over and check us out on Instagram and Twitter.

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