11 Fruit & Veggies that are not safe for your dog

11 Fruit & Veggies Not Safe

11 Fruit & Veggies that are not safe for your dog

Are you wanting to give your pup a healthy fruit or veggie treat but not sure if it is safe or not for your fluffy friend?

Well, I started to have a look at what fruit and veggies would be safe to give Oscar and Ernie apart from carrots. They are just so messy and think they are getting bored with them. Plus I was looking for ideas that could put into their Kong and Lickimat to mix things up.

Well to avoid any confusion for you and any pain for your dog, I have put together a list of 11 fruit and vegetables that dogs can’t eat.

Please remember dog parents the 10% rule. Treats and snacks shouldn’t make up any more than 10 per cent of your dog’s caloric intake. Otherwise, you will end up overfeeding them leading to weight gain. You might have to go to slimming club and no one wants that!

So download our guide here on fruit and vegetables that your dog can’t eat.

I wasn’t aware of some that are on the list that could be dangerous to my Oscar and Ernie and wanted to share it with you. You could print and place on the fridge for the whole family to be aware. 

Do you give your dogs fruit and vegetables – let us know in the comments. 

If you would like to see videos of Oscar and Ernie trying out fruit and vegetable that are safe or our general adventures. Then head over and check us out on Instagram and Twitter.

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